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Flex-Drain Landscaping Drain Pipe - 4" x 12' Solid

Effortlessly Channel Water Away with Flex-Drain 51710 Flexible Landscaping Drain Pipe - Expandable, Durable and Easy to Install!

- Easy installation: The Flex-Drain 51710 is easy to install, thanks to its flexible design and simple instructions. It can be cut to size with a pair of scissors, and it can be installed with minimal tools and equipment.
- Cost-effective: Compared to traditional drain pipes, the Flex-Drain 51710 is a cost-effective solution for your landscaping drainage needs. Its flexible design eliminates the need for costly fittings and adapters, and its durable construction means that it will require less maintenance over time.

The Flex-Drain 51710 Flexible/Expandable Landscaping Drain Pipe is a solid and durable solution for your drainage needs. Measuring 4 inches in diameter and 12 feet in length, this pipe is perfect for a variety of landscaping projects. The flexibility and expandability of the pipe make it easy to install and adjust to the shape of your landscape, while the solid construction ensures that it will withstand the elements and heavy use. Whether you're dealing with excess water from heavy rainfall or need to redirect water from your property, the Flex-Drain 51710 is a reliable and effective solution. With its high-quality construction and versatility, this drain pipe is a must-have for any landscaping project.